Jul 3, 2013

MJ's Nursery

Here are some photos and details about Mariah's room:

We wanted a neutral theme that worked with green (since the room was already painted that color). With the help of some inspiration from pinterest we came up with a hot air balloon theme and color scheme:

This mobile is made out of card stock, fishing line, ribbon, and an embroidery hoop:

I weaved some ribbon through the crib rails (obviously will take this off when MJ is a little bigger for safety reasons)

The flagging below was also made from card stock and ribbon. I bought the letters for her name from JoAnns.

Another angle of the room:

Mrs. Cavanaugh inspired this collection of pictures! She found a blog that linked me to the Library of Congress. They have an image library that you can use for free. I simply picked the images I wanted, downloaded them, and ordered prints from the local drugstore.

Another angle of the room:

I made the balloons hanging from the ceiling out of white paper lanterns. I painted the pattern detail with acrylic and used card stock and fishing line to add the "baskets".

The first print hanging on the wall is the lyrics to the song A Mother's Prayer by the Getty's. The second was a free printable I found online. I simply attached them to two white canvases that I had on hand (again purchased from JoAnn's) and added some card stock. I also dug through my scrapbook supplies to add some details.

I purchased a $5 cork bulletin board from Walmart and covered it with some white fabric I had on hand. I added card stock flagging across the top and added a ribbon to the back to hang it with.

his is a styrofoam wreath (purchased from JoAnn's), that I wrapped with white yarn. I added some ribbon and card stock details. This is hanging on the front of MJ's bedroom door (Noah and Leah have wreaths on their doors too, each personalized to match their bedroom decor).
Hope you enjoyed this little tour of our sweet girl's room. It was such a blessing to prepare for her as we dreamed of her arrival!

Lastly: Here is one of MJ's newborn photos that somehow didn't make the video (she is using a fleece blanket that I made for her nursery):

Jun 22, 2013

Welcome to the World Mariah Joy

Mariah Joy Rolston
Born Saturday, June 1 - 9:13am
7 lbs. 15 oz., 19 1/2"

Her Name:

There is a story behind our sweet girl's name.

Mariah means "the Lord teaches" and Joy obviously means "joy" - this especially rang true for us during our battle with infertility and the joyous surprise of this pregnancy. The Lord has taught us to trust his timing and sovereign control... And the sweet joy that comes with it.

Mount Moriah can be found in several places in the Bible, but in particularly in the book of Genesis. It is the mountain that Abraham obediently took Isaac up as a sacrifice.

To be completely honest though, this is not how we originally came up with her name. We wanted to choose a name that ended in "ah" (just like Noah & Leah) and one afternoon we were driving and a Mariah Carey song came on the radio and the name made the top of our list (hehe!).

Noah actually came up with her middle name. While pregnant Noah & Leah learned the song "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart". Noah sang it often to Mariah while in the womb and would giggle and sing "Mommy's got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in her belly!"


Here are two videos. The first of the pregnancy and hospital stay, the second her first weeks home and newborn photos.

May 9, 2013

Preschool Graduates

This week the kids had their preschool graduation. They both attended a free day school, hosted by a local church, where 3-5 year olds meet for classes one morning a week. This was Leah's first year and Noah's second attending the school.

The program was full of sweet songs and many laughs. Both kids got to wear a hat, get a diploma, Bible, and balloon (although I think their favorite part of the evening was the cookies and punch table!).

Leah receiving her diploma:

Noah receiving his diploma:

Noah in his chair in the red class:

Leah in her chair in the blue class:

Lastly, here is a video of "Oh Be Careful Little Eyes..." posted especially for the grandparents. Excuse Justin and I laughing midway through, Noah was making quite the funny faces at the child next to him ;-)

I cannot recommend this school enough! If anyone wants more info, shoot me an email!

P.S. Noah also finished all of his kindergarten curriculum last week and had a great year! He's already asking to start his new first grade material, which I kindly refused!